Phishing, security awareness, and Email security

All it takes is one employee to cause a data breach.

Our email security platform protects against inbound malware, spam, phishing, and Denial of Service attacks ensuring that business productivity isn’t impacted by attacks through the email system. Powerful and customizable policies enable further enforcement of detailed requirements that govern inbound and outbound email messages.

It also allows the sending of sensitive email through a secure, encrypted portal as opposed to over the open, unprotected internet. When sending an email, if social security numbers, credit card number sequences, and other definable PII (personally identifiable information) is found when the email leaves the system, the email will be sent through the secure portal. An employee can also choose to send the email secure regardless of any PII. Instead of sending the actual email to the recipient, they will receive an email from the security platform with a link to the secure portal from which they can view and reply to the email (also secure and encrypted).

Cybercriminals are diligent in finding new, sophisticated methods to trick unsuspecting individuals into putting themselves at risk. Having a proactive approach is key in a robust security culture.

Our Dark Web Monitoring, AutoPhish (automated phishing training campaigns), annual training course, and weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly micro-training quiz offerings are all summarized into our real-time Employee Vulnerability Assessment dashboard, allowing convenient monitoring of your employees.

We proactively monitor the dark web for compromised account data and credentials. Unfortunately, some employees use the same password across different logins (bank, pharmacy, online shops, and work, for example) which increases the chances of a breach of your business environment. The sooner end-users are notified of a breach, the sooner they can change their passwords and monitor their accounts.

Routine simulated phishing has been proven to minimize the risk of end-users falling victim to a malicious phishing attempt. Routine phishing instills into your employees safe email handling behavior.

Weekly, biweekly, or monthly 2-minute micro-training video and a short quiz combined with a monthly security newsletter keep cybersecurity short, engaging, and interactive.

Security policies are key to establishing expectations and explaining repercussions. We offer a variety of customizable security policies to protect your business.

Please contact us so we can discuss these offerings. We look forward to working with you.